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A Little About Us

Life is hard, your coffee shouldn't be.

At Hissing Goose we are all about simplicity. 

We work closely with our suppliers to offer them the best price for their coffee without the mess of "big business” getting in the way so we can bring their awesome coffee to you. We also, work with fair trade companies and organic farmers. We wanted to provide the freshest roasted coffee possible to you by roasting fresh to order, which means there are no bags sitting on our shelves waiting to be sold because we know fresh is best and we want to ensure that is nothing less than what you get!

Life is hard, your coffee shouldn't be.

Delivery? Yes! Online ordering? Absolutely. Questions or concerns? We are ecstatic to hear from customers and potential coffee connoisseurs. Whether you enjoy elaborate brews with fancy names or long-standing Canadian staples, we promise you will love Hissing Goose Coffee. We would love your feedback. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order or our product, we promise we will do everything possible to make your experience outstanding.

Thanks again from all of us at Hissing Goose Coffee Roasters!