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  • Cobra Chicken

You wanted it and now you have it!

Cobra Chicken. 

The overly confident and sneaky Cobra Chicken is no joke. Aggressive, territorial, agile, and problematic to public safety, this creature has no issue with chasing you down and laying a beat down on you that will leave you ashamed and embarrassed that you were just served a beating from something with feathers and could very well become a meal for a certain character and his family from a certain holiday story (wink, wink) 

This dark roast blend was carefully crafted using Robusta and Arabica beans to bring you very bold, high caffeine content, punch you in the face, wake you up, so you can get to work medicine... Err... Coffee. Cobra Chicken is a coffee for those who enjoy something with an extra kick and a BIG bold taste. 

Please drink responsibly or whatever, you're an adult.

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Cobra Chicken

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